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16 4951d 12h magnus /branches/magnus/ Package names and architectures should be matched against literally and in full in Generate_Package().  
15 4953d 19h magnus /branches/magnus/bin/ --no-help makes no sense.  
14 4953d 20h magnus /branches/magnus/debian/ Sorry, make that --help  
13 4953d 20h magnus /branches/magnus/ Add --verbose option (Andreas Fester)  
12 4953d 21h magnus /branches/magnus/debian/ Add Closes: for revs 6 and 9.  
10 4958d 15h magnus /branches/magnus/ Use Digest::MD5 to verify MD5 checksums (it's included in the perl package anyway).  
9 4958d 15h magnus /branches/magnus/ Create pool subdirectories as needed intead of pre-creating the whole range of letters.  
8 4958d 20h magnus /branches/magnus/ Simplify Generate_Release_Triple() and Generate_Release_Dist() by factoring out the checksum calculation to Compute_Checksums(). Furthermore, instead of reading the whole file into memory, create digester objects and let them read the file.  
7 4958d 20h magnus /branches/magnus/ Store the checksum hashes in a list instead of a hash (Closes: #415323).  
6 4958d 23h magnus /branches/magnus/ Check the require_sigs_meta option, not require_sigs, to see whether .dsc and .changes files have to be signed.  
5 4959d 13h magnus /branches/magnus/ Create own branch of debpool.  
4 4959d 13h magnus /branches/ Delete incorrectly created own branch.  
3 4959d 13h magnus /branches/magnus/trunk/ Copy to own branch.  
2 4959d 13h magnus /branches/ Create own branch.