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debpool (0.2.3+mh1) experimental; urgency=low
* Check the require_sigs_meta option, not require_sigs, to see whether
.dsc and .changes files have to be signed.
.dsc and .changes files have to be signed (Closes: #368554).
* Store the checksum hashes in a list instead of a hash
(Closes: #415323).
* Simplify Generate_Release_Triple() and
8,7 → 8,7
Generate_Release_Dist() by factoring out the checksum calculation to
Compute_Checksums(). Furthermore, instead of reading the whole file
into memory, create digester objects and let them read the file.
* Create pool subdirectories as needed:
* Create pool subdirectories as needed (Closes: #350503):
· export Tree_Mkdir() and delete the 'a'..'z' loop from
· Use Tree_Mkdir() to create the package directory and