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61 1747d 17h magnus /trunk/debian/ Raise Standards-Version to 3.9.8.  
60 1747d 17h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add Svn-* fields.  
59 1747d 17h magnus /trunk/debian/ Use dpkg-buildflags (and use CXXFLAGS when building libdkimtest).  
58 1747d 17h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add build-arch and build-indep targets.  
57 1747d 17h magnus /trunk/debian/ openssl1.1.patch (new): Support OpenSSL 1.1 API changes (Closes:
56 1747d 19h magnus /trunk/debian/ fix_warnings.patch: fix narrowing conversion in DecodeBase64()
(Closes: #811734).
55 1747d 20h magnus /trunk/debian/patches/ Refresh patch  
53 3592d 16h magnus /trunk/debian/ Completely correct order of object files and libraries (Closes:
#627387 again).
52 3595d 11h magnus /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2.  
51 3595d 11h magnus /trunk/debian/ Upgrade to Debhelper compat level 7.  
50 3595d 11h magnus /trunk/debian/ Convert to source package version 3.0 (quilt).  
49 3595d 12h magnus /trunk/debian/ debian/ Correct order of object files and libraries when
linking so that --as-needed will work (Closes: #627387).
48 4091d 12h magnus /trunk/debian/ Correct bug number (#524133) in the previous changelog entry.  
47 4091d 12h magnus /trunk/debian/ * New upstream version.
* SSP (Sender Signing Practices) replaced by ADSP (Author Domain
Signing Practices).
* 30_extra_fields.dpatch: Dropped. The DKIMVerifyDetails structure now
provides the formerly missing information in the szSignatureDomain and
szIdentityDomain fields.
* SONAME changed to because of the above change.
46 4230d 14h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Upgrade package to Standards-Version 3.8.3:
+ Add README.source.
45 4230d 14h magnus /trunk/debian/ Use filter instead of findstring to parse DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS  
44 4230d 14h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends} as needed.  
43 4230d 14h magnus /trunk/debian/ Get rid of warnings through the use of const and more correct types
(Closes: #524147). Patch by Russel Coker.
42 4230d 15h magnus /trunk/debian/ Move examples from library to dev package.  
41 4230d 15h magnus /trunk/debian/ Include built libdkimtest (Closes: #524147).  

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