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25 3928d 15h magnus /tags/0.29-1/ [svn-buildpackage] Tagging libmail-dkim-perl (0.29-1)  
24 3983d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ Control changes: Standards-Version 3.7.3, new Homepage, Vcs fields are now standard.  
23 3983d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ Remove code from unused binary-arch target.  
22 3983d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ New upstream release.  
20 4070d 16h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Skip 'make realclean' if Makefile does not exist, and do not ignore
* Modernise debian/control: wrap dependency fields, add XS-Vcs-* fields,
and make Homepage a real field.
18 4070d 18h magnus /trunk/debian/ New upstream release.  
16 4194d 20h magnus /trunk/debian/ Fix error in debian/changelog  
14 4194d 20h magnus /trunk/debian/ New upstream release, mention RFC 4871  
7 4209d 03h magnus /trunk/debian/ Update package description, dependencies, and changelog  
6 4209d 03h magnus /trunk/debian/ New upstream release, remove "debian uupdate" from debian/watch  
5 4209d 03h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Upload to unstable.
* Add homepage to package description and mention DK support.
2 4250d 20h magnus /trunk/debian/ [svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk  
1 4250d 20h magnus /trunk/ Creating trunk directory