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10 5778d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/ Move sharutils to Build-Depends-Indep.  
9 5778d 10h magnus /trunk/ Let 01_config.dpatch update config.guess and config.sub.  
8 5778d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/ Don't ignore "make distclean" errors.  
7 5778d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add dpatch.  
6 5778d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add debian/compat; remove DH_COMPAT from debian/rules.  
5 5778d 11h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Fix documentation file name extensions (Closes: #307732).
* Build liboop-doc in binary-indep target (Closes: #475573).
4 5778d 21h magnus /trunk/ New maintainer (Closes: #487130).  
3 5778d 22h magnus /trunk/ [svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk  

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