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Similar free software includes the GLib <a
Event Loop</a>, Niels Provos' <a href="">libevent</a>, and (for Perl) <a href="">POE</a>.
Refer to the <a href="why#glib">rationale</a> for a detailed comparison.
Refer to the <a href="why.html#glib">rationale</a> for a detailed comparison.
Software which uses or supports liboop includes
<a href="">lsh</a>,
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<dt><a href="why">Extended rationale</a>
<dt><a href="why.html">Extended rationale</a>
<dd>Why everyone should be using liboop.
<dt><a href="how">Introduction and overview</a>
<dt><a href="how.html">Introduction and overview</a>
<dd>How liboop works; basic principles of operation.
<dt><a href="ref">Reference</a>
<dt><a href="ref.html">Reference</a>
<dd>Specific functions and data structures.
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and some minor portability problems were fixed.<p>
<dt>18 September 2001
<dd>Version 0.8 released, including a <a href="oop_tcl">source adapter</a>
<dd>Version 0.8 released, including a <a href="oop_tcl.html">source adapter</a>
for <a href="">Tcl/Tk</a>. (0.7 was never
<dt>7 October 2000
<dd>Version 0.6 released, including a <a href="oop_rl">sink adapter</a>
<dd>Version 0.6 released, including a <a href="oop_rl.html">sink adapter</a>
for the <a href="">GNU
Readline Library</a>.<p>
<dt>5 September 1999
<dd>Version 0.4 released. Besides the usual bug fixes, the
<a href="on_fd">file descriptor deregistration interface</a> changed, and we
now have a <a href="oop_glib">source adapter</a> for
<a href="">GLib</a>, and a <a href="oop_www">sink adapter</a>
<a href="on_fd.html">file descriptor deregistration interface</a> changed, and we
now have a <a href="oop_glib.html">source adapter</a> for
<a href="">GLib</a>, and a <a href="oop_www.html">sink adapter</a>
for the <a href="">W3C Protocol Library
(libwww)</a>! The test/sample program (test-oop) is also quite improved.<p>
<dt>15 August 1999
<dd>Version 0.3 released. This version includes an
<a href="oop_adns">adapter</a> for
<a href="oop_adns.html">adapter</a> for
<a href="">Ian Jackson's
asynchronous DNS resolver library</a>.<p>
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<a href="">automake</a> and
<a href="">libtool</a>,
and includes an interface for using
<a href="alloc">alternate memory allocation functions</a>.
<a href="alloc.html">alternate memory allocation functions</a>.
<a href="">Gale</a> now uses liboop!<p>
<dt>5 July 1999