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97 150d 17h magnus /branches/buster/ Start buster branch.  
78 3025d 22h magnus /branches/squeeze/debian/ ipv6_buffer_miscalculation.dpatch: Include further fixes from wheezy
(Closes: #718581).
77 3025d 22h magnus /branches/squeeze/ Create stable (squeeze) branch  
40 4769d 20h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ 42_empty_sender.dpatch could previously cause segfaults by trying to
write to a constant string. Fixed.
39 4769d 20h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ 52_compile_bufoverflow.dpatch: Prevent buffer overflows in SPF_compile
from mechanisms with huge domainspecs. Workaround suggested by
upstream. Limits the size of mechanisms and modifiers, but that
shouldn't be a problem in practice.
38 4769d 20h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ 51_actually-keep-track-of-max_var_len.dpatch: Fix possible DoS with
long sender addresses. Thanks to Hannah Schroeter.
29 4784d 13h magnus /branches/lenny/ [CVE-2008-2469] 50_dns_resolv_bufoverflow.dpatch: Fix buffer overflows in DNS response parsing  
28 4784d 13h magnus /branches/ Create branches dir