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40 5034d 16h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ 42_empty_sender.dpatch could previously cause segfaults by trying to
write to a constant string. Fixed.
39 5034d 16h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ 52_compile_bufoverflow.dpatch: Prevent buffer overflows in SPF_compile
from mechanisms with huge domainspecs. Workaround suggested by
upstream. Limits the size of mechanisms and modifiers, but that
shouldn't be a problem in practice.
38 5034d 16h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ 51_actually-keep-track-of-max_var_len.dpatch: Fix possible DoS with
long sender addresses. Thanks to Hannah Schroeter.
29 5049d 08h magnus /branches/lenny/ [CVE-2008-2469] 50_dns_resolv_bufoverflow.dpatch: Fix buffer overflows in DNS response parsing  
19 5453d 13h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add spfquery(1) manpage.  
18 5453d 13h magnus /trunk/debian/ Fix changelog so that it corresponds to released 1.2.5.dfsg-4.  
17 5460d 12h magnus /trunk/debian/ Bring default explanation up to date by referring to instead of  
15 5461d 12h magnus /trunk/debian/ Make --help output of utilities less ugly by converting tabs to spaces  
14 5461d 13h magnus /trunk/debian/ Make spfquery accept IPv6 addresses.  
13 5475d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add XS-Vcs-* fields  
12 5475d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add README.Debian, activate new dpatches and add debian/changelog entry.  
11 5475d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/ Correct debian/copyright; the license is the LGPL, not the GPL, and is co-holder of copyright  
10 5475d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/patches/ Fix segfault with malformed -guess argument  
9 5475d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/patches/ If SPF_request_set_env_from() is called with from set to the empty string, use the HELO identity. Also fix incorrect handling when the local part is empty (but the "@" is present).  
8 5475d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/patches/ Differentiate between SPF_RESULT_NONE and SPF_RESULT_NEUTRAL in the header comment.  
7 5475d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/patches/ Permanent error when processing an include: directive should in turn produce permanent error (see the table in RFC 4408 / section 5.2).  
5 5552d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/ * 21_spfquery_infininte_loop.dpatch: Fix infinite loop when giving
unimplemented options to spfquery.
* 20_printf_types.dpatch: Revert to using standard conversion specifiers
without z modifiers.
* debian/watch: mangle away .dfsg from package version.
* Lower spfquery and spfd alternatives priorities to 25.
* Skip applying 01_line-endings.dpatch; it's meaningless.
* Anyway, modify 01_line-endings.dpatch so that it saves modified
files in a tarball.
2 5605d 09h magnus /trunk/debian/ [svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk  
1 5605d 09h magnus /trunk/ Creating trunk directory