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92 2528d 08h magnus /trunk/debian/ no variable argument when compiling with GCC 5 (Close: #777974).
* Rearrange debian/copyright to comply with the machine-readable format
75 3210d 18h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Convert debian/copyright to machine-readable format and update
copyright info including details on files in src/libreplace.
* debian/spfquery.libspf2.1: Change license to 2-clause BSD, as was
intended from the beginning.
59 3850d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/ Include text of BSD license in debian/copyright, as is now preferred.  
42 4941d 09h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add final newline  
34 4954d 17h magnus /trunk/debian/ Bring debian/copyright a bit more up-to-date.  
21 5197d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Fix format of copyright notice in debian/copyright.  
11 5392d 13h magnus /trunk/debian/ Correct debian/copyright; the license is the LGPL, not the GPL, and is co-holder of copyright  
2 5522d 12h magnus /trunk/debian/ [svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk