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115 2372d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ rl_completion-segfault.patch (new): Avoid crashing when tab-completing
an empty command line in lsftp.
114 2373d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/ With the above, raise Standards-Version to 3.9.5.  
113 2373d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/ lsh-doc: Drop dependency on dpkg (>= 1.15.4) | install-info (change in
policy § 12.2).
112 2373d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/ Override Lintian error concerning non-free IETF document
doc/srp-spec.nroff. See debian/copyright for details.
111 2388d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/po/ Correct encoding.  
110 2388d 09h magnus /trunk/debian/ Dutch Debconf translation update from Vincent Zweije and the
debian-l10n-dutch team (Closes: #692831).
109 2388d 09h magnus /trunk/debian/ new-readline-completion-function-typedef.patch: switch to new-style
readline typedef for lsftp_rl_completion pointer cast (Closes:
107 2601d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4.  
106 2640d 05h magnus /trunk/debian/ Update and improve watch file, dropping dversionmangle option.  
105 2640d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/ Delete code moving the no longer existing nettle directory out of the way.  
104 2640d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/ * New upstream release.
* Upstream distribution no longer embeds old version of the Nettle
library containing non-free RFC document; drop nonettle.patch.
* Also drop better-errmsg-when-dotlsh-missing.patch, nettle-2.0.patch,
nettle-2.1.patch, terminate-on-connection-failure.patch,
ipv6-v6only.patch, and serpent-byteorder.patch, all incorporated
upstream; and testsuite-mini-inetd-localhost.patch, made unneeded by
new included version of mini-inetd.
102 2920d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Review templates and package description by the debian-l10n-english team
(Closes: #686212). Thanks to David Prévot for coordinating.
* Portuguese, Rui Branco (Closes: #687146).
* Russian, Yuri Kozlov (Closes: #687188).
* Czech, Martin Šín (Closes: #687263).
* Polish, Michał Kułach (Closes: #687549).
* Italian, Beatrice Torracca (Closes: #687773).
* French, David Prévot (Closes: #687810).
* Danish, Joe Hansen (Closes: #687833).
* German, Holger Wansing (Closes: #687979).
* Japanese, Hideki Yamane.
* Vietnamese, Nguyen Vu Hung (Closes: #688175).
* Slovak, Slavko (Closes: #688193).
* Swedish, Martin Bagge (edited slightly by me) (Closes: #688419).
* Spanish, Javier Fernández-Sanguino (Closes: #688925).
100 3012d 11h magnus /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3.  
99 3012d 11h magnus /trunk/debian/ Read settings from /etc/default/lsh-server in the config script
(Closes: #620809) and add an EXTRA_ARGS variable that can be used to
specify additional arguments to lshd (Closes: #592595).
98 3012d 13h magnus /trunk/debian/ Correct misspelling of debconf key, which caused the host key never to
be deleted.
97 3012d 15h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add Italian debconf localization. (Closes: #666425). Thanks to
Beatrice Torracca and the Italian localization team.
96 3012d 15h magnus /trunk/debian/ Default to deleting host key on purge (Closes: #670433). It's only a
host key, not significant amounts of user-generated data, so there's
no good reason that a purge shouldn't delete it.
94 3245d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2.  
93 3245d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ Use dpkg-buildflags.  
92 3245d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add Closes for bug filed after commit.  

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