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Package: lsh-utils
Architecture: any
Depends: lsh-client, ${shlibs:Depends}
Recommends: lsh-server
Depends: nettle-bin, ${shlibs:Depends}
Suggests: lsh-server, lsh-client
Suggests: lsh-doc
Description: Secure Shell v2 (SSH2) protocol utilities
lsh is GNU GPL'd implementation of the Secure Shell protocol version
50,7 → 50,8
Package: lsh-client
Architecture: any
Depends: lsh-utils (= ${binary:Version}), ${shlibs:Depends}
Depends: nettle-bin, ${shlibs:Depends}
Recommends: lsh-utils (= ${binary:Version})
Conflicts: lsh-utils (<< 2.0.4-dfsg-1)
Replaces: lsh-utils (<< 2.0.4-dfsg-1)
Description: Secure Shell v2 (SSH2) protocol client
4,6 → 4,10
It was downloaded from
The original upstream tarball has been repacked because it bundles
Nettle 1.14 (actually a snapshot between 1.14 and 1.15), which
contains a non-free RFC.
Upstream Authors: Niels Möller <>
Balázs Scheidler
Many others, too numerous to list here. See the file