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157 1866d 23h magnus /branches/jessie/debian/ Distribution was stable.  
154 1869d 01h magnus /branches/jessie/debian/ Fix CVE-2015-8803, CVE-2015-8804, and CVE-2015-8805 (Closes: #813679).  
152 2049d 01h magnus /branches/jessie/ Create stable release branch for jessie  
135 2347d 00h magnus /branches/3.0/ * Merge changes from unstable (2.7.1-3 through 2.7.1-5) (Closes: #782266).
* Add code to transition /usr/share/doc/nettle-dbg from directory to
symlink (Closes: #774919).
* Also add missing Pre-Depends: multiarch-support to nettle-dbg.
* Use dh_installdocs --link-doc to create symlinks and add correct
dependencies (Closes: #773022).
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6.
* Add upstream PGP signing key.
* Add GNU server URLs to watch file.
* Use -fPIC instead of -fpic by default (Closes: #755769); needed on
sparc64 and shouldn't be noticeable elsewhere.
134 2347d 01h magnus /branches/3.0/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6.  
133 2347d 01h magnus /branches/3.0/debian/ * New upstream release. New SONAMEs libnettle6 and libhogweed4.
* Drop native_64bit_test_needs_limits_h.patch; incorporated upstream.
126 2630d 04h magnus /branches/3.0/debian/ Update Svn repo to 3.0 branch.  
125 2630d 05h magnus /branches/3.0/debian/ Add manpage for nettle-pbkdf2.  
124 2630d 05h magnus /branches/3.0/debian/ Check in patch to include limits.h in camellia-absorb.c, already mentioned in debian/changelog.  
123 2635d 23h magnus /branches/3.0/debian/ Tag a symbol that only exists on 64-bit architecture.  
122 2657d 01h magnus /branches/3.0/debian/ New major upstream release. To experimental for now. New SONAMEs
libnettle5 and libhogweed3.
121 2657d 02h magnus /branches/3.0/ Create experimental 3.0 branch  
105 3225d 23h magnus /branches/wheezy/debian/ Spell check package descriptions (Closes: #680627). Thanks to Filipus
104 3225d 23h magnus /branches/wheezy/debian/ Missing )  
103 3225d 23h magnus /branches/wheezy/debian/ Add postinst script that replaces old documentation directory (from
before 1.15-4) in nettle-bin with symlink (Closes: #692950.
102 3225d 23h magnus /branches/wheezy/ Create wheezy branch  
29 5122d 01h magnus /branches/experimental/debian/ Check for Makefile instead of ignoring all `make distclean\' errors.  
28 5122d 06h magnus /branches/experimental/debian/ Change dist back to experimental.  
27 5122d 06h magnus /branches/experimental/debian/ Polish up for release.  
26 5122d 06h magnus /branches/experimental/debian/patches/ Use the config.{guess,sub} updater dpatch from the dpatch examples instead, because it's nicer.  

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