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198 493d 18h magnus /trunk/debian/ Drop lintian override.  
197 493d 18h magnus /trunk/debian/ Update debian/copyright.  
196 494d 01h magnus /trunk/debian/ Build with --enable-fat, this time hopefully with the right symbol
architecture tags.
195 494d 01h magnus /trunk/debian/ Delete changes that shouldn't have been in the previous commit.  
194 494d 01h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Convert to dh format and upgrade to compat level 12
* Drop unnecessary configure flags --enable-shared (enabled by default) and
--disable-dependency-tracking (only relevant to BSD Make) and makeinfo
flag --enable-encoding (enabled by default now).
* No longer exclude *.pdf from dh_compress.
193 500d 19h magnus /trunk/debian/ Delete old files that were left empty in the tree.  
192 500d 21h magnus /trunk/debian/ Drop -Wl,--as-needed linker flag; used by default by bullseye
191 500d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ Actually commit new and deleted files.  
190 500d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ Library sonames bumps  
189 500d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ Only symlink docdir for nettle-bin, allowing future independent
library sonames bumps of nettle and hogweed (Closes: #956524). Thanks
to Andreas Metzler.
188 500d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ New upstream release (Closes: #959441). Upload to experimental.  
187 692d 22h magnus /trunk/debian/patches/ Actually delete now empty patch.  
186 692d 22h magnus /trunk/debian/ Upload to unstable.  
185 740d 02h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Upload 3.5.1 to experimental (Closes: #933266).
* Correctly mark architecture-specific symbols this time.
184 745d 22h magnus /trunk/debian/ Revert to 3.4.1 to acquire a transition slot (Closes: #938959). Not
building with --enable-fat either because symbol differences between
platforms need to be checked.
183 753d 21h magnus /trunk/debian/ Override lintian warning about -lgmp in hogweed.pc (it's after a #).  
182 753d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ Change libgmp10-dev build dependency to libgmp-dev, which has been the
real package name since 2011.
181 762d 21h magnus /trunk/debian/ Update package names in symbol files too.  
180 763d 19h magnus /trunk/debian/ New symbols resulting from --enable-fat.  
179 763d 19h magnus /trunk/debian/ Try building with --enable-fat (Closes: #861632).  

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