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30 4637d 09h magnus /branches/7.6/debian/ Remove the --host and --build configure arguments; some configure scripts screw up.  
28 4638d 03h magnus /branches/7.6/debian/ debian/control: Adjust Vcs-Svn field.  
27 4638d 03h magnus /branches/7.6/debian/ debian/rules: Handle DEB_*_GNU_TYPE and modify quoting of strings
inside the long string of configure arguments.
26 4638d 06h magnus /branches/7.6/debian/ Update debian/copyright.  
25 4638d 06h magnus /branches/7.6/debian/ * The latest downloadable "beta" release of the 7.6 branch.
* Modify debian/watch to track the beta download directory.
24 4638d 07h magnus /branches/7.6-stable/ Create branch for stable 7.6 releases, which go to Debian unstable.  
23 4638d 07h magnus /branches/7.6/ Separate 7.6 branch  
22 4638d 07h magnus /branches/ Create branches directory.