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147 3015d 12h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Close bug too.  
146 3015d 12h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Correct Replaces/Breaks for the move of files in -6.  
144 3016d 10h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Include the 7.0 compat Colors module in -image.  
143 3016d 10h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Add entry to debian/NEWS and fix format of previous entry.  
142 3016d 11h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Avoid errors when dumping modules by processing the module directories
(main and compatibility) separately.
141 3016d 11h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ End with newlinw.  
140 3016d 11h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Link with --as-needed.  
139 3016d 11h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Move the Graphics, Colors, and Protocols.X.XImage module to the -image
package, as those modules require the Image module. Likewise move the
pmar_install standalone tool to the -dev package.
138 3016d 12h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ The dev package is already included in MODULE_PACKAGES.  
137 3016d 13h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Might be safer to append to debian/$package.prerm.debhelper. I don't know what the dh programs might install there.  
136 3016d 13h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Add to each module package a prerm script that deletes .o files for
that package to avoid leaving empty directories around (Closes:
134 3017d 10h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ * Build with -O1 on i386 (Closes: #640818).
* smartlink_rpath.patch: Update to recognize Linux 3.x.
* Use dpkg-buildflags to set CFLAGS etc.
* Some cleanup in debian/rules.
127 3477d 13h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ README.source can be dropped after source format change.  
126 3477d 13h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/ Move to 7.8-stable branch in SVN, modifying Vcs-Svn in debian/control to reflect this.  
78 4032d 10h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Repack upstream tarball without the 'bundles' subdirectory, which
contained a non-free IETF RFC inside nettle-1.14.tar.gz as well as the
GMP documentation, which is released under the GFDL with cover texts,
inside gmp-4.2.1.tar-gz (Closes: #459705).
73 4051d 13h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Add "Increase Standards-Version to 3.8.3." to debian/changelog; the actual change was accidentally included in the previous commit again.  
70 4051d 13h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Use $(filter) instead of $(findstring) to parse DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.  
69 4051d 13h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Add debian/README.source.  
66 4051d 13h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Point Vcs-Svn and Vcs-Browser at  
63 4051d 13h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Instead of patching shebangs and fixing execute permissions, simply
remove them from all Pike scripts. None of them are meant to be run
directly anyway.

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