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74 4111d 06h holmgren /tags/7.6.112-5/ [svn-buildpackage] Tagging pike7.6 (7.6.112-5)  
73 4111d 06h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Add "Increase Standards-Version to 3.8.3." to debian/changelog; the actual change was accidentally included in the previous commit again.  
70 4111d 07h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Use $(filter) instead of $(findstring) to parse DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.  
69 4111d 07h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Add debian/README.source.  
66 4111d 07h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Point Vcs-Svn and Vcs-Browser at  
63 4111d 07h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Instead of patching shebangs and fixing execute permissions, simply
remove them from all Pike scripts. None of them are meant to be run
directly anyway.
59 4111d 09h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Change word order to get rid of Lintian spelling warning.  
58 4111d 16h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ A few more nonmatching globs.  
57 4112d 01h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Add build dependency libfftw3-dev that was mysteriously missing.  
56 4112d 01h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ * Increase Debhelper compat level to 5.
- Remove non-matching lines from debian/*.install.
55 4112d 01h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Update debian/copyright; fix references to common-licenses.  
54 4112d 02h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Spelling  
53 4112d 03h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/patches/ Include nettle_2.0 in 00list.  
51 4112d 05h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Modify debian/watch to track the latest 7.6 version using uscan's
recursive capabilities.
49 4112d 07h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Complete previous commit.  
48 4112d 09h holmgren /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ * Switch to Nettle 2.0 (Build-Depend on nettle-dev instead of
+ nettle_2.0.dpatch: Changes from upstream CVS needed to accomodate the
API changes.
37 4321d 03h magnus /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ pike7.6-core.postinst: Don't use absolute path to call
update-alternatives (Closes: #510941).
36 4321d 03h magnus /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ 12_perl_init.dpatch: Don't use .bak as filename extension for the
original of the patched file (Closes: #512539). Thanks to Robert
Millan for spotting this.
35 4536d 05h magnus /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Correct spelling in package descriptions.  
34 4536d 05h magnus /branches/7.6-stable/debian/ Correct co-maintainer email address.  

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