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125 3541d 14h holmgren /tags/7.8.352-dfsg-3/ Tagging pike7.8 7.8.352-dfsg-3  
114 3774d 10h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Dump modules starting at the top of /usr/lib/pike7.8 so that compat
modules can also be dumped and master.pike won't have to be dumped
113 3774d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/ * Revert cflags.dpatch (which was actually never applied). Stripping the
last component was no mistake; pike -x cflags is only meant to be used
by new-style modules.
* Change include_prefix to /usr/include/pike7.8/pike so that building
new-style modules can work.
111 3774d 20h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Some changes in the meta package relationships.  
110 3774d 20h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Drop pike7.8-config; pike -x cflags and pike --dumpversion fills its
109 3774d 20h holmgren /trunk/debian/ cflags.dpatch (new): Make pike -x cflags print include_prefix as-is
instead of stripping the last component.
108 3774d 20h holmgren /trunk/debian/ dumping_problems.dpatch (new): Patch from CVS fixing problems encoding
the master object when dumping some modules.
107 3775d 06h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Build-depend on libmysqlclient-dev instead of libmysqlclient15-dev,
which is now a virtual package provided by the former.
106 3775d 11h holmgren /trunk/debian/ module-layout.dpatch: Move misplaced parenthesis that caused the wrong
local include directory to be added.
105 3775d 12h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Fix mistakes in previous commit:
AutoDoc misspelt in .install
Need to include -dev in MODULE_PACKAGES so that files therein are not also installed in -core.
104 3776d 07h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Move AutoDoc and module-related modules and standalone tools to -dev
and let -dev depend on -image.
103 3776d 07h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Change ${source:Version} to ${binary:Version} in some dependencies between arch:any packages.  
102 3776d 11h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1; no changes necessary AFAICT.  
101 3776d 11h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Insert bug number corresponding to unbreak_cross_compilation.dpatch.  
100 3776d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Also remove master.pike.o from pike7.8-core.install.  
99 3776d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/ no_dump_modules.dpatch (new): Patch install.pike not to dump modules
at build time (thus no need to exclude master.pike.o in debian/rules).
98 3776d 17h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Should probably dump master before modules.  
97 3776d 17h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Always delete and redump all modules since the recursive dumping doesn't always (or ever?) seem to redump depended-on files first, causing master to load outdated code, I think.  
96 3776d 17h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Disable --with-relocatable-dumped-modules; it doesn't seem that we
need it and it doesn't seem to work 100% properly.
95 3778d 11h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Exclude modules GDK, Gnome, and GTKSupport, which also are for
GTK+/Gnome 1.2, and update the package description of pike7.8-gtk to
reflect the fact that it provides GTK+ 2.0 bindings.

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