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220 2020d 02h holmgren /tags/7.8.866-3/ [svn-buildpackage] Tagging pike7.8 7.8.866-3  
209 2303d 15h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ smartlink_verbose.patch: Make the smartlink script print the build
commands it's executing to allow build log checks.
208 2303d 15h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Add heimdal-dev as a build dependency to enable the Kerberos and
GSSAPI modules. Move said modules to a new pike7.8-kerberos package.
207 2303d 16h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Delete unused CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, and LDFLAGS variables.  
206 2303d 18h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Add libgtksourceview2.0-dev as a build dependency to enable the
GTK2.SourceView module.
205 2303d 18h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ debian/copyright: Add reference to COMMITTERS.  
204 2303d 18h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ debian/copyright: Update from COPYRIGHT.  
203 2303d 19h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ debian/copyright: Delete paragraph about repacked upstream tarball,
which hasn't been the case since 7.8.700-1.
196 2305d 16h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/patches/ Actually delete dropped patches.  
195 2305d 16h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Replace GPL and LGPL license texts used by Tools.Legal.License with
symlinks to corresponding files in /usr/share/common-licenses.
Override remaining Lintian warnings about GPL.pmod and LGPL.pmod,
which do not include the license texts themselves.
194 2305d 17h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Use dh_installdocs --link-doc to create doc symlinks in module
192 2305d 18h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ bad_size_t_redef.patch: Fix undefined behaviour/buffer overruns in
module _Image_JPEG on 64-bit architectures due to broken redefinition
of size_t (Closes: #750430).
190 2305d 19h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Spelling  
189 2305d 20h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Correct Vcs-SvnU URI again - should use  
188 2305d 20h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Correct watch URL.  
187 2305d 20h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/ Merge beta/experimental commits.  
181 2407d 19h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/ Merge changes from trunk.  
147 3074d 18h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Close bug too.  
146 3074d 18h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Correct Replaces/Breaks for the move of files in -6.  
144 3075d 16h holmgren /branches/7.8-stable/debian/ Include the 7.0 compat Colors module in -image.  

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