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222 1939d 18h holmgren /tags/8.0.28-2/ [svn-buildpackage] Tagging pike8.0 8.0.28-2  
221 1939d 18h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Upload to unstable.  
219 2080d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Upload to experimental for now; this is not an official stable release.  
218 2080d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Build with libgtksourceview2.0-dev (was accidentally added in the previous commit) (but not with libgtkdatabox-dev (which was also)).  
217 2080d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Rewrite changelog since no 8.0.12 package was uploaded.  
216 2080d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6.  
215 2080d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Update debian/watch to look for 8.0 tarballs in
214 2080d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Remove lines that no longer match any files due to dropped compatibility support for old versions.  
213 2080d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/ * New upstream release.
- Drops compatibility support for versions prior to 7.6.
212 2080d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Use 8.0.12 instead of 8.0.2  
211 2080d 15h holmgren /trunk/debian/patches/ Refresh patches.  
210 2080d 16h holmgren /trunk/debian/patches/ Drop precompile_breakage.patch again; incorporated upstream.  
202 2303d 19h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Drop debian/source/lintian-overrides; upstream has dropped the bundles
system which brought the old autotools helper files.
201 2303d 19h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Change version number in files coming from merge.  
200 2303d 19h holmgren /trunk/ Merge more changes from last stable version.  
199 2303d 19h holmgren /trunk/debian/ More instances of 7.8 changed to 8.0.  
198 2303d 20h holmgren /trunk/debian/ * New major upstream development version. Source package generated from
git repository by running make snapshot_export at the tag "8.0.2".
* Drop pcre_info_obsolete.patch; fixed upstream.
* Disable the deprecated Pike security system.
193 2305d 17h holmgren /trunk/ Merge change from 7.8-stable  
191 2305d 17h holmgren /trunk/ Merge changes from 7.8-stable.  
179 2725d 17h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Actually apply undefined_htons.patch.  

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