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259 1388d 19h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Build-Depend on default-libmysqlclient-dev instead of
250 1470d 06h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.8.  
249 1470d 06h holmgren /trunk/debian/ * New upstream stable release.
* autodoc.patch: incorporated upstream except for one hunk.
247 1529d 19h holmgren /trunk/debian/ autodoc.patch (new): Fix typos in inline documentation that broke some
of it.
246 1529d 19h holmgren /trunk/debian/ New upstream stable release.  
245 1595d 16h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.7.  
244 1595d 16h holmgren /trunk/debian/ * Remove unnecessary files from the tzdata directory of the Calendar
* Remove execute permission from .h files.
243 1595d 20h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Spelling.  
242 1595d 20h holmgren /trunk/debian/ New upstream stable release.  
241 1640d 17h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Bump to new upstream release 8.0.164  
240 1640d 19h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Merge pike8.0-manual and pike8.0-reference.  
239 1642d 19h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Expand search.  
238 1642d 19h holmgren /trunk/debian/ * New upstream release.
* Drop freetype_2.6_typeof.patch; incorporated upstream.
230 1782d 22h holmgren /trunk/ * Merge changes from 7.8.866-3 (except Kerberos modules are in
* Update Homepage URL to
* freetype_2.6_typeof.patch (new): Fix FTBFS with Freetype 2.6.
* debian/copyright: Delete paragraph about repacked upstream tarball,
which hasn't been the case since 7.8.700-1.
* debian/copyright: Update from COPYRIGHT.
* debian/copyright: Add reference to COMMITTERS.
* Add libgtksourceview2.0-dev as a build dependency to enable the
GTK2.SourceView module.
* Add heimdal-dev as a build dependency to enable the Kerberos and
GSSAPI modules. Move said modules to a new pike7.8-kerberos package.
* smartlink_verbose.patch: Make the smartlink script print the build
commands it's executing to allow build log checks.
229 1782d 23h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Replace dh_clean -k with dh_prep.  
228 1782d 23h holmgren /trunk/debian/ freetype_2.6_typeof.patch (new): Fix FTBFS with Freetype 2.6.  
227 1782d 23h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Update Homepage URL to  
223 1830d 23h holmgren /trunk/debian/ pike8.0-core.postrm, pike8.0-core.lintian-overrides: Change missed
instances of old version number to 8.0 (Closes: #793676).
221 1830d 23h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Upload to unstable.  
219 1971d 19h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Upload to experimental for now; this is not an official stable release.  

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