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291 742d 08h magnus /trunk/debian/ Switch VCS URLs after Alioth decommissioned.  
290 742d 08h magnus /trunk/debian/ postgres_10_detect.patch (from upstream): Detect Postgres 10.x and
289 742d 09h magnus /trunk/debian/ Fix description of transitional package.  
288 742d 13h magnus /trunk/debian/ * New upstream release.
* Drop misplaced_MAXPATHLEN.patch; obsolete.
287 742d 13h magnus /trunk/debian/ Remove libgnomeui-dev from Build-Depends.  
286 843d 08h holmgren /trunk/debian/ no_nostartfiles.patch: Don't use -nostartfiles when linking shared
modules (Closes: #892574). Thanks to Adrian Bunk.
285 846d 10h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Drop support for GTK+ 2 (Closes: #885673).  
283 846d 11h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 4.1.1.  
281 966d 05h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Make the module dumping trigger "noawait", as Lintian suggests is the
right thing for packages that use the trigger to compile a form of
280 966d 05h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Replace Priority: extra with Priority: optional.  
278 966d 06h holmgren /trunk/debian/ New upstream stable release.  
277 1074d 20h holmgren /trunk/debian/ New upstream stable release.  
275 1265d 09h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Run src/run_autoconfig before compiling and run configure in a
separate target; don't patch configure scripts, only their sources. Also refresh patches and augment some
descriptions. This also avoids problems with configure complaining
about being last changed in the future when it was in fact last
changed right now.
273 1271d 09h holmgren /trunk/debian/ debian/watch: stop looking for beta versions.  
272 1271d 10h holmgren /trunk/debian/ New upstream stable release.  
268 1294d 07h holmgren /trunk/debian/ debian/rules fixes: Add build-indep as a prerequisite of the build
target now that autobuilders use build-arch; declare build-indep and
build-arch phony; various cleanup.
267 1294d 08h holmgren /trunk/debian/ New upstream stable release.  
265 1320d 06h holmgren /trunk/debian/ dont_disable_debug_symbols.patch (new): Leave debug symbol and
optimization flags alone when building GL and GTK2 modules.
264 1321d 10h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Build against libkrb5-dev instead of heimdal-dev (Closes: #845146).  
263 1321d 10h holmgren /trunk/debian/ Switch to Debhelper compat level 9.  

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