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69 3399d 20h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ usernames_with_at.patch (new, from upstream CVS): If a username
contains an @, it will be assumed to be a valid email address and be
used as envelope sender address and default "From" address when
sending mail (Closes: #497016).
68 3411d 18h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ Change the default value of the tmp_dir option back to
${var_prefix}/tmp (/var/run/prayer/tmp) because using /tmp may not be
67 3425d 18h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ Split out templates to a separate arch-indep package.  
66 3433d 18h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ prayer.init: Correctly check for the presence of the executables.  
64 3474d 19h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ Prevent dh_installman from interpreting the cf in as a
language code.
62 3474d 21h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ Polish changelog entry  
61 3474d 22h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ Add manpages prayer(8), prayer-session(8),, and
prayer-ssl-prune(8) (groff-mdoc format). Remove half-done Docbook
versions from source package.
60 3475d 00h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ No need to define LDAP_DEPRECATED in Config; fixed upstream.  
59 3478d 16h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ prayer.init, prayer-accountd.init: Sleep 1 second between stop and
start in restart.
58 3481d 21h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ * unlimit_login_username.patch (new):
- servers/prayer_login.c: Remove 8 character username limit from login
form (Closes: #494517).
57 3482d 22h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ debian/Config: Fix handling of CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS from the
environment or command line, breaking a circular definition of
55 3485d 17h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ * welcome_is_template.patch:
- shared/config.c: Don't require that the help_dir option, which was
removed from the default earlier, is defined
(Closes: #493009).
* makefile_install_config.patch:
- shared/config.c: Likewise don't check for lock_dir (Closes: #494011).
54 3495d 18h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ Acknowledge NMU, but change the build dependency to
libc-client2007b-dev | libc-client2007-dev | libc-client-dev
(>= 7:2007~), since we need at least that version.
53 3495d 20h magnus /branches/lenny/debian/ Apply NMU diff  
52 3495d 20h magnus /branches/lenny/ Create lenny stable branch.  
51 3495d 20h magnus /branches/ Create branches dir