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148 2114d 05h magnus /trunk/debian/ No longer override CDBS overriding CFLAGS, thereby allowing hardening
flags to be properly propagated. I think it caused internal include
flags to be lost, but since at least 1.3.2 that's no longer the case.
147 2114d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/ Drop dummy package prayer-templates.  
146 2150d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ Strip unnecessary comments.  
145 2150d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ Refresh patches.  
144 2150d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ New upstream release.  
142 2768d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/patches/ Refresh (far from complete) patch.  
141 2768d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2.  
140 2789d 11h magnus /trunk/debian/ Update years of copyright.  
139 2829d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ * New upstream release.
- Drop ipv6_v6only.patch; fixed upstream.
* template_sdk.patch: templates/src/ no longer need to
be patched.
137 2921d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ Increase Debhelper compat level to 7.  
136 2921d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ Drop obsolete Build-Depends alternative libc-client2007b-dev.  
135 2921d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ Another list end marker.  
134 2921d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add missing list end marker.  
133 2921d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/ Actually include prayer-accountd.  
132 2921d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/ unbrand_accountd.patch: Remove some Cambridge-specific parts of the
filter handling.
131 2921d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add basic manpage for prayer-accountd(8).  
130 2921d 08h magnus /trunk/debian/ hurd.patch (new): Use the SPT_CHANGEARGV implementation of
setproctitle() on the Hurd.
129 2921d 09h magnus /trunk/debian/ dlopen_templates.patch: Add missing #include "dlopen_templates.h" to
128 2928d 05h magnus /trunk/debian/ Close bug.  
127 2928d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Merge ld-as-needed.diff from Ubuntu into dlopen_templates.patch.
* Fix FTBFS with ld --as-needed.

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