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139 2645d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ * New upstream release.
- Drop ipv6_v6only.patch; fixed upstream.
* template_sdk.patch: templates/src/ no longer need to
be patched.
137 2737d 22h magnus /trunk/debian/ Increase Debhelper compat level to 7.  
136 2737d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ Drop obsolete Build-Depends alternative libc-client2007b-dev.  
135 2737d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ Another list end marker.  
134 2737d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add missing list end marker.  
133 2738d 00h magnus /trunk/debian/ Actually include prayer-accountd.  
132 2738d 00h magnus /trunk/debian/ unbrand_accountd.patch: Remove some Cambridge-specific parts of the
filter handling.
131 2738d 00h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add basic manpage for prayer-accountd(8).  
130 2738d 01h magnus /trunk/debian/ hurd.patch (new): Use the SPT_CHANGEARGV implementation of
setproctitle() on the Hurd.
129 2738d 02h magnus /trunk/debian/ dlopen_templates.patch: Add missing #include "dlopen_templates.h" to
128 2744d 22h magnus /trunk/debian/ Close bug.  
127 2745d 00h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Merge ld-as-needed.diff from Ubuntu into dlopen_templates.patch.
* Fix FTBFS with ld --as-needed.
126 2838d 23h magnus /trunk/debian/ ipv6_v6only.patch (new): Set the IPV6_V6ONLY socket option on
AF_INET6 sockets; since Prayer by default enumerates available address
families and calls bind() once for each, conflicts will occur
otherwise (Closes: #607261).
125 2970d 00h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add Closes.  
124 2970d 03h magnus /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1  
123 2970d 03h magnus /trunk/debian/ no_db_version_check.patch: Remove unnecessary and incorrect check that
the major and minor version numbers of the current libdb are the same
as at compile time, but also that the patch number is equal and
greater, which should not be a concern.
122 2972d 01h magnus /trunk/debian/ Convert (trivially, since CDBS with quilt was already used) to source
format 3.0 (quilt).
120 2986d 18h magnus /trunk/debian/ Set distribution to unstable  
119 2986d 18h magnus /trunk/debian/patches/ misc.h must be included before template_structs.h  
118 2986d 19h magnus /trunk/debian/ template_sdk.patch: The #include that templates/src/
generates was not changed, though.

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