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While I wrote SA-Exim after realizing that I didn't want to accept Spam in the
first place, this package would not have been put together without the help
and contributions of the following people:

<li>Philip Hazel<BR>
    We wouldn't have exim without him :-)

<li>Justin Mason, Craig R Hughes, Dan Quinlan, and the rest of the SpamAssassin

<li>Derrick 'dman' Hudson<BR>
    Early adopter, feedback, ideas, first integration with localscan_dlopen

<li>David Woodhouse<BR>
    Excellent original localscan_dlopen patch for exim 4
    SIGCHLD patch (was set to ignore by exim)

    Build patches and trailing slash problem for mkdir on netbsd

<li>Patrice Fournier<BR>
    Several suggestions, including adding the X-SA-Exim-Scanned header

<li>Peter N Lewis<BR>
    Spotted a buglet in lseek call

<li>Robert Strickler<BR>
    Suggested that I add teergrube support

<li>Tim Jackson<BR>
    Narrowed the problem with SA Exim 2.1 to a hang when we feed a message
    that's too big to spamc and did a lot of research on the bug

<li>Brian Kendig<BR>
    Suggested the functionality behind X-SA-Exim-Rcpt-To:
    Noted and requested logging changes

<li>Paul Matthews<BR>
    Reported string length problem with X-SA-Exim-Rcpt-To:

<li>Chad Leigh<BR>
    Reported that SA-Exim doesn't delete a X-Spam-Flag header in the original
    mail if the local config decides that the mail isn't spam

<li>Martin Balvers<BR>
    Reported that
    SA: Action: teergrubed sender until full configured duration
    logging wasn't consistent.
    Author of

<li>Andreas Metzler<BR>
    Has provided invaluable help by being the main maintainer of the exim4
    debian package and doing most of the work for the sa-exim package, while
    patiently helping me with my debian build questions

<li>Richard Lithvall<BR>
    Added the much requested SARewriteBody option for SA 2.50's report_safe
    Also added SAPrependArchiveWithFrom option<BR>
    Also added SAspamcSockPath for SA 2.60 and better

<li>Justin F. Knotzke<BR>
    Reported that Dec 31st 1969 isn't a good idea and upsets some MUAs like mutt

<li>Norihisa Washitake<BR>
    Pointed out that I should be using date -R to override foreign locales

    Made suggestions on increasing logging consistency
    Gave example on how you can trigger mail scans without using headers
    (using internal exim acl variables)

<li>Ross Boylan<BR>
    Suggestions for documentation tweaks

<li>Sander Smeenk<BR>
    Made sa-exim show up in Debian. Yeah! :)
    Major doc diffs

<li>St├ęphane MANHES<BR>
    Pointed out that greylisting requires X-SA-Exim-Rcpt-To:

<li>John Horne<BR>
    Reported crash on discard, due to the number of recipients being 0

<li>Adam D. Barratt<BR>
    Found the problem with sa-exim's indirect use of printf and causing a crash
    in exim on 64 bit architectures, and gave a detailed explanation on what
    happened and how to fix it

<li>Jeffrey D. Carter<BR>
    Suggested strchr instead of index for easier compilation.

<li>Danilo Lotina F. &amp; Others<BR>
    Suggested adding a destination host for spamc (I added a port too)

<li>Cliff Hones<BR>
    Reported that From mbox line was in an incorrect format

<li>Jason John Schwarz<BR>
    Reported compile problem inside the exim tree (i.e. without local_scan)

<li>Kristopher Austin<BR>
    Initial port of the SA patch to an SA 3.0 plugin

<li>Adam Tilghman<BR>
    Pointed out that I shouldn't be rewriting Content-Type headers if we don't
    rewrite the body (and defang_mime is dead now)

<li>Mark Lawrence<BR>
    He is the author of the greylistclean cron job

<li>Chris Morris<BR>
    Reported the ealier tuplet deletion cronjob in shell as insecure

<li>Your name here<BR>
    If you contribute or if you did and I forgot your name (sorry, let me know)