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<!-- <li>2004/08/23 - v4.2.1+cvs (<a href="files/sa-exim-cvs.tar.gz">sa-exim cvs tar.gz</a>
   (latest version available via CVS only, or a somewhat recent via
   <a href="files/sa-exim-cvs.tar.gz">this link</a>) -->

<li>2006/01/09 - v4.2.1 (<a href="files/sa-exim-4.2.1.tar.gz">sa-exim.tar.gz</a>
or <a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_4.2.1">local_scan only</a>)
    <br><b>Security update</b> (reported by Chris Morris)
    <li>Modified not to generate tuplets with spaces, although
        the cleaning cron job is now safe with regard to whitespace
    <li>Included Mark Lawrence's perl script to better clean old tuplets
    <li>The default config now ships with the greylistclean cronjob running
        as nobody (which spamd should be running as, too)

<li>2005/01/17 - v4.2 (<a href="files/sa-exim-4.2.tar.gz">sa-exim.tar.gz</a>
or <a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_4.2">local_scan only</a>)
    <br><b>Do not use, greylistclean is insecure, use 4.2.1 instead</b>
    <li>Fixed code so that it compiles inside the exim tree too (thanks Jason)
    <li>Support SA 3.0 new score reporting format (score= instead of hits=)
    <li>Proper SA 3.0 plugin support
    <li>Documentation updates
    <li>greylisting files now also save the last SA score, just in case
    <li>Saved files are now group read/write too, if you need to shut off group
        access, do it at the directory level
    <li>Only rewrite Content-Type/Content-Transfer-Encoding if SARewriteBody is
        on now (this used to be useful with old SA versions and defang_mime
        but those options are gone). Suggested by Adam Tilghman.
    <li>Finally made all score threshold variables exim conditions that are
        evaluated at runtime
    <li>SAteergrubecond is deprecated as a result

<li>2004/08/16 - v4.1 (<a href="files/sa-exim-4.1.tar.gz">sa-exim.tar.gz</a>
or <a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_4.1">local_scan only</a>)
    <b>Please see the mailing list, or use the CVS version if you are compiling
    sa-exim inside your exim tree</b> (there is a small mistake in the source
    which will prevent proper building) / <b>You also need CVS if you are
    using SA 3.0</b>
    <li>Deal with being called with the number of recipients is 0 (reported by
        John Horne)
    <li>Made hopefully fully 64 bit clean (well, it was written that way,
        except for that pesky printf in C, which got in the way). Kudos go to
        Adam D. Barratt for finding and explaining the bug
    <li>Switched to using strchr instead of index to remove compilation warnings
        on some systems (reported by John Horne/Jeff Carter)
    <li>Added SAspamcHost/SAspamcPort at the request of several people
    <li>Fixed mbox From file to be standards complaint (reported by Cliff Hones)
    <li>Added SAFEMESGIDCHARS option for safer message-id based filenames
    <li>New version of the SA patch, with safe file creation (clean env from
        and rcpt to before using as directory names)
    <li><b>IMPORTANT</b>: if you are using greylisting, and applied the
        previous greylisting patch, it didn't create shell safe filenames,
        it is therefore highly recommended that you apply the new version
    <li>Added a quick patch to sa-exim to deal with headers that are longer
        than 8K (and drop the remaining lines)

<li>2004/03/16 - v4.0 (<a href="files/sa-exim-4.0.tar.gz">sa-exim.tar.gz</a>
or <a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_4.0">local_scan only</a>)
    <li>Added SAspamcpath (from Richard Lithvall)
    <li>Makefile fixes for version.h and dependencies
    <li>Added exim acl_m trick from Chirik in README
    <li>New code to read and pass on any X-Spam- header from SpamAssassin
    <li>Message-Id is now logged in SA log entries to allow you track down
        a message in other logfiles, like SA's log
    <li>Add X-SA-Exim-Connect-IP header for greylisting
    <li>Allow for tempreject on messages not flagged as spam by SA (for
    <li>Added greylisting support (see README.greylisting)
    <li>Added the following options to sa-exim.conf:
    <li>Lots of documentation fixes and updates
    <li>Basic debian tree shipped by default (but real deb package from Sander

<li>2003/08/18 - v3.1 (<a href="files/sa-exim-3.1.tar.gz">sa-exim tar.gz</a>
    or <a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_3.1">local_scan only</a>)
    <li>Fixed <em>SA: Action: teergrubed sender until full configured duration</em> output
    <li>spamassassin.conf was renamed sa-exim.conf (bad initial name choice)
    <li>Changed teergrubing so that it works with exim 4.20 and above
    <li>Added the much requested SARewriteBody option for SA 2.50's report_safe
        (courtesy of Richard Lithvall)
    <li>Added SAaddSAEheaderBeforeSA to deal with SARewriteBody and privacy
    <li>Added SAPrependArchiveWithFrom option (Richard Lithvall)
    <li>As announced in the previous version, SAStallSender was removed.
        Use Teergrubing instead
    <li>Message-Id is read directly from Exim now that the API allows for that
        (we used to parse the Message-Id header ourselves) -&gt; except that
        we don't use this for logging or saving messages: as soon as we can
        read the real Message-Id from the headers, we use that Message-Id for
        logging (this is to facilitate tracking of messages from the logs and
        correlating with something like SA timelog files)
    <li>Logging improved some more: Message-Id is added to log entries, as
        well as the full mailinfo whether the message is spam or not

<li>2003/04/30 - v3.0 (<a href="files/sa-exim-3.0.tar.gz">sa-exim tar.gz</a>
    or <a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_3.0">local_scan only</a>)
    <li>Makefile can generate a short sa-exim.conf (for Brian Kendig)
    <li>Added a contrib directory with 3rd party scripts
    <li>Since we already had X-SA-Exim-Rcpt-To: to show the envelope to
        (disabled by default), I added X-SA-Exim-Mail-From: to show the
        envelope from (always enabled, but you can delete it in system_filter
        if you wish). If you can't easily see or parse the envelope sender
        in your mails, this should definitely help
    <li>Much improved directory creation and error handling for the reject
        save directories
    <li>Added SIGCHLD patch from David Woodhouse
    <li>Added version header that looks like this:
        X-SA-Exim-Version: 2.2.x-cvs (built Tue Apr 22 10:28:25 PDT 2003)
    <li>Rewrote pretty much every log message to be more consistent and grepable
        (the previous ones were quite bad). Suggested by multiple people
        including Brian Kendig
    <li>Made the SMTP error messages finally configurable (suggested by
        several people). This is now possible since exim lets me output a
        different message in the log than in the SMTP session. Consequently, new
        default messages do not show the spam score, this only goes to the exim
    <li>Made SAmaxrcptlistlength and option to control how long of a
        X-SA-Exim-Rcpt-To header you can output if you want to output it at
    <li>Do not output "savemail condition expanded to false" if not in debug
        mode (as reported by Brian Kendig)
    <li>Now ships with a sample local_scan.h if we can't find the exim source
    <li>Change of logic to delete SA headers that were in the original mail
        but weren't outputted by the SA run (like X-Spam-Flag, as reported
        by Chad Leigh)
    <li>Modified local_scan dlopen patch to deal with updates to the exim
        local_scan API
    <li>The default location for spamasassin.conf was changed to /etc/exim4
        (debian default)
    <li>Updated README and INSTALL
    <li>Updated localscan_dlopen.patch to deal with minor/major version numbers
    <li>Added X-SA-Exim-Version
<li>2002/10/28 - v2.2 (<a href="files/sa-exim-2.2.tar.gz">sa-exim tar.gz</a>
    or <a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_2.2">local_scan only</a>)
    <li>Fixed a bug that affected all mails bigger than what spamc would
        accept. Doh! (it not clear why, but spamc would hang and stop reading
        after it had been fed more than it was willing to accept)
    <li>Added more debugging code to help track the above problem
    <li>Depending on SATruncBodyCond will now either not pass a message that's
        too big to spamc, or will optionally truncate it first
    <li>Now strips any X-SA-Exim-* headers already present in the message before
        scanning it
    <li>Added new X-SA-Exim-Rcpt-To: header (see privacy section in README)
        after a suggestion from Brian Kendig
    <li>Teergrube is now spelled correctly (note that the option names in
        sa-exim.conf changed as a result)
    <li>Teergrubing has been re-implemented to detect that the other side went
        away so that exim doesn't stay around for nothing.
    <li>Added SAteergrubecond so that you don't teergrube your neighbours
    <li>Small cleanups
<li>2002/10/13 - v2.1 (buggy) (<a href="files/sa-exim-2.1.tar.gz">sa-exim tar.gz</a>
    or <a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_2.1">local_scan only</a>)
    <li>Default mail config is now in /etc/exim instead of /etc/mail
    <li>Fixed SAstallsender so that exim doesn't leave spool files behind
    <li>Fixed comparison for spam values as suggested by Patrice Fournier
    <li>Returned a header saying whether SA-Exim was able to scan the mail
        or not (based on a suggestion from Patrice Fournier)
    <li>Added support for teergrubing as suggested by Robert Strickler
        <A HREF=""></A>)
    <li>We now make sure that we feed spamc a little more data than it's
        willing to accept. That way, we don't feed a truncated message
    <li>sa-exim.conf now appends /new on save directories so that they
        are valid maildir spool and you can run mutt -f dirname to read
    <li>Small cleanups

<li>2002/07/07 - v2.0.1 (<a href="files/sa-exim-2.0.1.tar.gz">sa-exim tar.gz</a>
    or <a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_2.0.1">local_scan only</a>)
    <li>Removed unneeded ## concatenation in macro
    <li>Fixed lseek call, as reported by Peter N Lewis
    <li>Improved Makefile for documentation
    <li>Suggestion from dman to allow for config options overrides in Makefile
    <li>Fixed all the compiler warnings that were fixable
    <li>Handle more kinds of Message-Id as suggested by Patrice Fournier

<li>2002/06/14 - v2.0 (<a href="files/sa-exim-2.0.tar.gz">sa-exim tar.gz</a>
    or <a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_2.0">local_scan only</a>)
    <li>Allow for stalling SMTP sessions from spammers (caution)
    <li>Support X-Spam-Status from SA pre 2.30
    <li>Build patches from Norm <>
    <li>Documented that spamd shouldn't be run with -c
    <li>dman's patch to allow for this to be a shared library
    <li>dman's indirect request for saved files to be 660
<li><a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_2.0b1">2002/06/01 - v2.0b1</a><br>
    This is how 1.0 would have been if I had done it right :-)
    <li>We now attempt to create directories we write to
        (suggestion from Patrice Fournier)
    <li>Log envelope sender, recipients and connecting host
        on rejected messages (suggestion from Patrice Fournier)
    <li>We can now save non rejected messages whether they were
        flagged as spam or not (based on request from Patrice)
    <li>Each save rule now has its own condition that lets you
        decide which messages you want to save or not
    <li>Fixed parsing of Message-Id. May not parse all of them
        but won't do anything stupid with bad input
    <li>Fixed a buglet where we removed old headers before knowing
        whether they were going to be replaced.
    <li>Added much needed internal alarm so that we don't run
        too long
    <li>I added lots of options, but weren't able to test all
        of them and their combinations, please reports problems
        you may notice and documentation issues (in config file)
    <li>Thanks also go to dman for his plentiful feedback
<li><a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_1.3">2002/05/21 - v1.3</a>
    <li>We now close the files we create on disk. Duh!
<li><a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_1.2.2">2002/05/17 - v1.2.2</a>
    <li>SA options are now kept in memory. Small cleanups
<li><a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_1.2.1">2002/05/13 - v1.2.1</a>
    <li>v1.2 (unreleased) didn't work right: it tagged messages
        properly, but failed to see what was marked as spam and
        couldn't reject messages. Fixed.
    <li>Stripped newlines in header lines (better for logging)
    <li>fixed header_add bug if headers contained '%'
<li><a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_1.2">2002/05/12 - v1.2</a> (unreleased)
    <li>According to Craig R Hughes, any X-Spam header can be multiline.
        Let's parse them accordingly
<li><a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_1.1.1">2002/05/08 - v1.1.1</a>
    <li>Added fake envelope from to mails that we save on disk
        so that they can be opened with MUAs (idea from dman)
<li><a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_1.1">2002/05/07 - v1.1</a>
    <li>Cleaned up and fixed multiline header parsing
    <li>Added parsing of Subject back from Spamc (suggestion from dman)
    <li>We now log how long spamc took, and all messages processed
        by spamc get logged in mainlog so that we know the outcome
    <li>Added custom header compare function to handle mixed case headers
<li><a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_1.0.1">2002/05/06 - v1.0.1</a>
    <li>Fixed problems with reading Content-Type back from spamc
       (we used to read whole body too, ooops...)
    <li>Handle multi-line Content-Type headers.
    <li>All log entries now start with "SA: "
    <li>If SA gets run twice, we drop the previous X-Spam headers
    <li>Support for X-Spam-Prev-Content-Transfer-Encoding
<li><a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_1.0">2002/05/05 - v1.0</a>
    <li>*Many* changes. This is now a real program with hopefully
        most of the configuration options people could need
    <li>Fully configurable through external config file
    <li>Condition to run or not run SA against a message
    <li>3 Levels of spam handling
    <li>Option to save messages that are rejected or cause errors
    <li>Very complete error checking
<li><a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_0.9.1">2002/04/17 - v0.9.1</a>
    <li>Added a few checks for possible failures
<li><a href="files/local_scan/local_scan.c_0.9">2002/04/16 - v0.9</a>