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43 4034d 02h magnus /tags/4.2.1-10/ [svn-buildpackage] Tagging sa-exim (4.2.1-10)  
42 4034d 02h magnus /trunk/debian/ Increase Standards-Version to 3.7.3; no changes.  
41 4034d 02h magnus /trunk/ Simplify the sender address so that senders using
VERP, SRS, etc. hopefully won't be greylisted each and every time
(Closes: #347590).
40 4034d 02h magnus /trunk/ Bail out if a non-IPv4 address is encountered
(Closes: #300103, #479955).
39 4034d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ Use modern fields in debian/control (Homepage; Vcs-* fields without
38 4034d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ New maintainer email address.  
37 4034d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add Finnish Debconf template translation (Closes: #472788). Thanks to
Esko Arajärvi.
36 4219d 13h magnus /trunk/debian/ Get rid of unused /usr/sbin  
34 4320d 10h magnus /trunk/debian/ Prepare 4.2.1-9 release.  
33 4321d 05h magnus /trunk/debian/ Indent Homepage: line and add XS-Vcs-* fields.  
32 4321d 05h magnus /trunk/debian/ Depend on the local_scan ABI version returned by exim4-localscan-plugin-config instead of all exim4-daemon-* variants.  
31 4321d 06h magnus /trunk/ Fix primary_hostname overwriting bug.  
27 4438d 08h magnus /trunk/debian/ NEWS.Debian is supposed to be called just NEWS in the source package.  
26 4438d 08h magnus /trunk/debian/ Add NEWS.Debian describing the change regarding $body_linecount  
25 4438d 09h magnus /trunk/debian/ Minor update of changelog entry  
24 4441d 12h magnus /trunk/ Don't use variables not part of the API.  
22 4461d 09h magnus /trunk/debian/ Back out the debhelper compat bumping and the ${misc:Depends} dependency, which actually never made it to the 4.2.1-6 that was released.  
21 4461d 09h magnus /trunk/debian/ Simplify build command line.  
20 4461d 12h magnus /trunk/debian/ The postrm script syntax wasn't quite right.  
19 4461d 12h magnus /trunk/debian/ Debhelper compatibility level bumped to 5; build-depend on debhelper >= 5.  

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