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86 1157d 02h magnus /tags/4.2.1-15/ [svn-buildpackage] Tagging sa-exim 4.2.1-15  
72 2828d 07h magnus /trunk/debian/ Update changelog date.  
71 2919d 21h magnus /trunk/debian/ Update Standards-Version to 3.9.2.  
70 2919d 21h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Switch to source package format 3.0 (quilt), splitting the Debian
patch as follows:
* api-limitations.patch: Changes needed because Exim exports only the
symbols that are part of the official API.
* spamc-args.patch: Changes related to the arguments sent to spamc.
* grey-clean-sender.patch: Simplify the sender address so that senders
using VERP, SRS, etc. hopefully won't be greylisted each and every
* grey-only-ipv4.patch: Bail out if a non-IPv4 address is encountered.
* improved-default-conf.patch: General improvements (in my opinion) of
the default sa-exim.conf.
* spamd-not-nobody.patch: Strike the recommendation that spamd run as
* save-path.patch: Put saved mail in /var/spool/sa-exim instead of
* readme.patch: Other additions to the README file(s).
69 2919d 22h magnus /trunk/ Another mention of "nobody" that didn't get checked in previously.  
68 2919d 23h magnus /trunk/ * Some tidying of debian/rules and the packaging in general:
* Add build-arch and build-indep targets.
* Remove configure target; it's not a mandatory target.
* Remove install target and use dh_install (and dh_lintian) to put the
files in the staging directory.
* Replace /var/spool/exim with /var/spool/sa-exim in the Debian patch
instead of using sed.
* Pass SUFF='' to the makefile instead of renaming
* Put our version of the crontab file in debian/greylistclean.cron.d
and install it using dh_installcron.
* Upgrade to Debhelper compat level 7. Replace dh_clean -k with
67 2925d 21h magnus /trunk/ The "nobody" user and "nogroup" group should not own files. Therefore,
create /var/spool/sa-exim/tuplets with Debian-exim as owner on new
installations and run greylistclean as Debian-exim by default. Don't
change ownership of already existing /var/spool/sa-exim or
/var/spool/sa-exim/tuplets, since the local admin may have different
preferences, but give the Debian-exim group the write permission it
needs if /var/spool/sa-exim/tuplets is owned by "nobody" and spamd
runs as the calling user (Closes: #563492). Add documentation to
README.Debian and remove recommendation to run spamd as "nobody" from
README and README.greylisting.
66 2927d 04h magnus /trunk/ Drop the defaults for SAspamcHost and SAspamcPort, deferring to spamc
as to what the defaults will be if those options are not set in
sa-exim.conf (Closes: #506571).
65 2927d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ Remove cruft.  
64 2927d 05h magnus /trunk/debian/ Updated Danish and Dutch Debconf template translations (Closes:
#608447, #634314).
62 3479d 01h magnus /trunk/debian/ Updated Spanish Debconf template translation (Closes: #543310).
Submitted by Francisco Javier Cuadrado.
60 3704d 06h magnus /trunk/debian/ New Russian and updated French Debconf translation.  
59 3823d 03h magnus /trunk/debian/ Whitespace fix  
58 3823d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ Override Lintian warning about depending on exim4-localscanapi-1.1
without a real package as a primary alternative, since adding that
would defeat the purpose of not having to keep track of which version
of Exim provides which API/ABI version.
57 3823d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ Increase Debhelper compat level to 5.  
56 3823d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.1.  
55 3823d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ debian/copyright: Point to the GPL 2.0 license text since this package
is licensed under that version only.
54 3823d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ debian/control: Put back ${misc:Depends} in Depends.  
53 3823d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ debian/postinst: Don't call mv with a prepended path.  
52 3823d 04h magnus /trunk/debian/ * Debconf templates and debian/control reviewed by the debian-l10n-
english team as part of the Smith review project (Closes: #517169).
* Corresponding Debconf translation updates:
* Brazilian Portuguese from Adriano Rafael Gomes. (Closes: #519422).
* Czech from Miroslav Kure (Closes: #518989).
* Finnish from Esko Arajärvi (Closes: #518200).
* German from Matthias Julius (Closes: #518332).
* Galician from Marce Villarino. (Closes: #519487).
* Italian from Luca Monducci (Closes: #519177).
* Japanese from Hideki Yamane (Closes: #518502).
* Portuguese from Miguel Figueiredo. (Closes: #519002).
* Swedish from Martin Bagge (Closes: #518325).
* Vietnamese from Clytie Siddall (Closes: #517813).
The following translations have not been updated yet: da, es, fr, nl.

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