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Missing modules

The following modules are not included in the Debian Pike packages for
various reasons, even if they are included in the module reference

 - DVB: Doesn't work with Linux 2.6 (and certainly not with other OSes).
 - _Ffmpeg: formerly missing from Debian due to patent issues. Might be
   included in the next release.
 - Gnome, GTK, GDK: Uses obsolete GTK version (1.2).
 - Math.Transforms.FFT: Few use cases in Pike, pulls in unnecessary
 - Mird: Old, unmaintained, largely unknown library.
 - Msql: Obsolete, proprietary DBM.
 - PDF: Uses unmaintained libraries unavailable in Debian.
 - Ssleay: Obsolete.
 - Oracle: Proprietary DBM (so far ...).
 - Java: Links with the JVM library in a non-policy compliant
   way. Work needed.
 - Image.TTF: Uses obsolete library (freetype1).

Places to visit
 - - the main Pike site
 - - community site for users of the 
   Roxen webserver and the Pike bugs database, information etc.
 - - website of the Caudium WebServer which is
   written in Pike
 - - website of the Roxen IS, the company which
   for a long time developed and maintained Pike as well as the Roxen
   WebServer mentioned above.

Notes for developers

The postinst script created a few directories in /usr/local which you can
use for your modules/include files. Once created by the postinst script
they will never be touched by any pike package again. The directories




Note: I have come to the conclusion that this structure isn't awfully
well though through. It is likely to change, but probably not until
Pike 7.8. What's missing is a working infrastructure for building and
installing third-pary modules and applications so that they won't have
to be rebuilt for each new Pike revision, similarly to Perl and/or
Python. Stay tuned.

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 -- Magnus Holmgren <>, Fri, 21 Dec 2007 09:43:18 +0100