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pyscrabble for Debian

My assumption is that most users don't need or want to run their own
server. Therefore the PyScrabble server is in a separate package that
installs it as a system daemon. By default the server runs under a
dedicated user account, created on installation. It should not be run
directly from the command line, only with the help of the init script.

The original code is modified so that instead of
~/.config/pyscrabble/, the server reads its configuration from files
in /etc/pyscrabble/, stores its database in /var/lib/pyscrabble, and
logs to /var/log/pyscrabble/pyscrabble.log.  The log is not
automatically rotated, because the server can't currently be told to
reopen the log, and restarting it kills all client sessions and
ongoing games.

For the same reason, the server is not restarted when upgraded. The
administrator should notify the users and restart the server at the
earliest opportunity.

After starting the server for the first time, you should immediately
register a user account, as the first user is automatically made

 -- Magnus Holmgren <>, Mon, 25 Apr 2011 14:00:03 +0200